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TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre S Regatta Chronograph Dive Watch

A watchmaker named Edouard Heuer, with a vision to create remarkable timepieces that pushed the envelope of innovation and precision, opened his first shop in the Swiss village of St-Imier in 1860.

Over the years, Heuer's reputation for gold-standard precision earned the company the privilege of providing official timing services for a number of world-class sporting events. To this day, TAG Heuer maintains a close association with the world of competitive sports and enjoys a devoted following.

In 1985, Heuer joined the TAG (Techniques D'Avant-Garde) group, and the TAG Heuer name and logo were created. Now one of the most recognized and sought-after watch brands in the world, TAG Heuer continues its reputation of innovative design and technological excellence, creating prestigious timepieces that are always at the cutting edge of precision, reliability and style.

TAG Heuer - Rugged & Sophisticated Dive Watches

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